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Laser Dentistry in Jefferson Park Chicago

Reduces discomfort and promotes faster healing

Lasers help with a number of dental treatments. When using a laser, your dentist may not need to use a drill or administer anesthesia in some procedures, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed dental experience.

A laser is an instrument that produces a very narrow beam of light energy. When laser light comes in contact with tissue or tooth structure, it causes a reaction which can remove or shape that tissue.

Lasers can be used in dentistry as a safe and effective treatment for many procedures, including:

Laser procedures can be more precise, reduce symptoms and healing times associated with traditional therapies, reduce the amount of bacteria in both diseased gum tissue and in tooth cavities, and control bleeding during surgery.

Why choose Jefferson Park Dental Studio for laser dentistry

Jefferson Park Dental Studio is a team of professionals who are committed to new research and technologies that make your experience more comfortable and caring. We offer the latest advanced laser technology in-house and we’re experts in using lasers to improve your experience and successful outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Dentistry

What is laser dentistry?
From cavity detection to gum reshaping, lasers offer a gentle alternative to traditional techniques, often reducing the need for anesthesia and speeding up recovery times.